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An optionally section to run PoPy in parallel to increase the speed of the program by separating tasks amongst the different nodes of a computer.

You can add the PARALLEL section to the following scripts:-

i.e. Any script that does a significant amount of processing over all individuals in the population.

If you leave out the parallel section then the script will be executed in serial, i.e. using one processor.

Example PARALLEL section

You can make your PoPy script use parallel processing by adding the following:-

        n_workers: 4

This section invokes the ‘MPI_WORKERS’ parallel method, that uses mpi to process individuals in parallel where possible.

The ‘n_workers’ parameter requests 4 separate processors. You can also use:-

        n_workers: auto

To utilise all processors on a given machine.

Note if you leave out the the ‘PARALLEL’ section from your script, this is equivalent to using the following:-


That requests using a single processor.

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