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Command Line Tools

The PoPy tools and their functions are summarised in Table 61:-

Table 61 PoPy Command Line Tools
Name Example Function
popy_env popy_env invoke the PoPy environment
popy_run popy_run my_script.pyml run a PoPy script
popy_check popy_check my_script.pyml check a PoPy script
popy_create popy_create fit my_script.pyml create an example PoPy script
popy_format popy_format my_script.pyml update PoPy script format
popy_edit popy_edit my_script.pyml open PoPy script in editor
popy_doc popy_doc open PoPy documentation in browser
popy_view popy_view my_script.pyml.html open PoPy html output in browser
popy_info popy_info display PoPy install details
popy_validate popy_validate run validation
popy_activate popy_activate XXXX Activate PoPy using a product key
popy_deactivate popy_deactivate Deactivate PoPy a product key
popy_imconv popy_imconv *.svg png convert images using Inkscape
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