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PoPy Activation

PoPy comes with a 60 day trial period. To continue using PoPy after this period has expired, you will need a licence to activate the product.

You should have been supplied with a free activation code if you signed up for the PoPy academic version.

To obtain a valid PoPy licence see Licensing.

Activation Status

To check the current activation status and licencing of your PoPy installation, Open a PoPy Command Prompt and type:-


If you see output like this:-

INFO - product_key=None

Then PoPy is not yet activated. The trial period may or may not be active, which determines if PoPy will run without a product key. If you see the following:-

INFO - should_run=True

then PoPy is within the trial period.

If you have a product key, but this line is displayed:-

INFO - should_run=False

Then the product key is invalid and you need to obtain a new product key to successfully Activate PoPy.

Activate PoPy

To activate PoPy Open a PoPy Command Prompt and type:-


Where XXXX etc., is the product key supplied by Wright Dose Ltd. Just cut and paste the product key from the email.

Verify Activation



and you should see something like this:-

INFO - In a PoPy Binary environment
INFO - popy_flavour=binary
INFO - popy_python_path=C:\PoPy\
INFO - popy_release=1.0.0
INFO - popy_version=academic
INFO - python_version=3.5.1
INFO - windows_version=('10', '10.0.17134', 'SP0', 'Multiprocessor Free')
INFO - machine_name=saruman
status=Product key is activated and within licence period
Licence has been running for 3613 days
Licence needs renewing in 1868 days
INFO - name=David Cristinacce
INFO - email=david@popypkpd.com
INFO - company=Wright Dose Ltd
INFO - licence_start_date=2009-02-12 00:00:00
INFO - licence_end_date=2024-02-16 00:00:00
INFO - should_run=True

showing the paths used by PoPy, a few internal variables, and details about the licence (if you have run popy_activate successfully).

Deactivate PoPy

To remove a PoPy product key from your machine Open a PoPy Command Prompt and type:-


Verify Deactivation



and you should see something like this:-

INFO - product_key=None

Transfer Product Key Between Machines

If you wish to move a PoPy licence from one computer to another. Then you simply need to Deactivate PoPy on the current machine, noting the current product key. And then Activate PoPy on the new machine, using the same product key.

Note if you activate the same product key on multiple machines and you exceed the number of activations associated with the product key, this will invalidate your licence and may cause problems.


There are currently two licences for PoPy:-

PoPy Academic Licence
A free licence for PoPy distributed to academics, which may not be used for commercial analyses.
PoPy Commercial Licence
A paid licence granting the end user one year of PoPy usage on a single machine. A commercial license is required to use PoPy in regulator submissions or publications regarding work that is sponsored or funded by drug companies i.e. research that leads to profit.

Both licences comes with a 60 day trial period, so you can try out PoPy before obtaining a product key.

All versions of PoPy have the same functionality. There are no crippled versions. Any version of PoPy can be upgraded to the latest version of PoPy at any time. The terms of the licence (i.e. duration etc.) are unaffected by upgrading PoPy.

Please email the following address for further information:-


We will endeavour to respond promptly to questions regarding our licencing.

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