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Open a PoPy Command Prompt

To gain access to the Command Line Tools you need to invoke the PoPy command prompt environment.

There are two ways of doing this, Windows Shortcut Method and Windows Terminal Method.

Windows Shortcut Method

Select the ‘PoPy Command Prompt’ shortcut that should be on both your Desktop and Start Menu (in the PoPy folder). This will open a PoPy command prompt in your user home directory.

The terminal should look something like Fig. 45:-


Fig. 45 PoPy dos prompt

Windows Terminal Method

Open a standard terminal (either a Powershell in Windows 10 or a standard cmd.exe in Windows 7/8) in any folder on your computer. For example, in Windows 10, from within Windows explorer do:-

shift key + right mouse button -> "Open powershell window here"

A powershell should appear like this Fig. 46:-


Fig. 46 Plain PowerShell prompt

Then type:-

$ popy_env

You should see the text:-

Welcome to PoPy Binary

After running ref:popy_env the terminal should look something like Fig. 47:-


Fig. 47 PoPy PowerShell prompt

Note the colour of the text will change from white to pale blue (if you started in a dos prompt). The text is pale blue by default in a windows powershell.

Verify PoPy Environment

The light blue text signifies that you are within a PoPy environment. You can verify this further by running popy_info:-

$ popy_info

You can also verify that the system path has changed. e.g in a command prompt:-

$ echo %PATH%

Or in a powershell:-

$ $env:path

You should be able to run all the Command Line Tools now.

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