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Open a PoPy Command Prompt

To gain access to the Command Line Tools you need to invoke the PoPy command prompt environment.

There are three main ways of starting a PoPy command prompt:-

To check that you are currently within a PoPy environment, see Verify PoPy Environment.

Desktop Shortcut Method

Left mouse click on the ‘PoPy Command Prompt’ shortcut on your Desktop or alternatively within the Start Menu (in the PoPy folder). This will open a PoPy command prompt in the directory where you installed PoPy.

For example, if you click the PoPy shortcut and installed PoPy to the directory:-


You should see something like Fig. 46:-


Fig. 46 PoPy dos prompt

Terminal popy_env Method

Open a command prompt in any folder on your computer. It is highly recommended that you use the traditional ‘cmd’ dos prompt, in preference to the Windows Powershell.

A simple way of opening a command prompt in a specific folder is to:-

  • navigate to the folder in Windows Explorer
  • left mouse click on the path dialog box
  • type ‘cmd’
  • press return

For example if you navigate to the directory:-


Then type ‘cmd’ over the Windows Explorer path, a plain dos command prompt should appear like this Fig. 47:-


Fig. 47 Plain command prompt

Then type:-

$ popy_env

You should see the text:-

Welcome to PoPy Binary

After running popy_env the terminal should look something like Fig. 48:-


Fig. 48 PoPy command prompt

Note the colour of the dos prompt text will change from white to pale blue.

Copy popy_cmd.exe Method

An alternative method for starting PoPy in any folder is to simply copy the file ‘popy_cmd.exe’ from your PoPy install directory to a new location.

Then simply clicking on ‘popy_cmd.exe’ will start a PoPy environment in the same directory.

For example copy this file:-


to the directory:-


Click on ‘popy_cmd.exe’ within the ‘my_work’ directory and you should see Fig. 49:-


Fig. 49 PoPy command prompt in the ‘c:\Users\david\my_work' folder.

Verify PoPy Environment

The light blue text signifies that you are within a PoPy environment. You can verify this further by running popy_info:-

$ popy_info

You can also verify that the system path has changed. e.g in a command prompt:-

$ echo %PATH%

The system path should start with:-


Or wherever PoPy is installed.

You should be able to run all the Command Line Tools now.

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