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Files Generated by Tutsum Script

This section describes the output of the TutSum Script. If you want to see an example of a TutSum Script created by a Tut Script, see Generate data and Fit using Simple PopPK Model.

If you run a TutSum Script using the following command:-

$ popy_run my_tutsum_script.pyml

folders will be created on disk (within the same folder as the script) as follows:-


Here ‘src’ contains files copied from the output of the parent Tut Script and some automatically generated .rst files.

The ‘build’ folder is the output of running Sphinx on the ‘src’ files. Sphinx is a utility for processing .rst files into HTML and optionally other formats. The main output of running Sphinx is here:-


Here ‘sphinx.log’ is the log file for Sphinx and ‘my_tutsum_script.pyml.run.main.log’ is the log file for the TutSum Script.

You can view the summary of the gen/fit/comp/sim output to HTML files by typing:-

$ popy_view my_tutsum_script.pyml.html

Which should look something like First order absorption model with peripheral compartment.

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