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Occasionally, we make changes to the Script File Formats that render old script files defunct. So that you do not need to rewrite all of your old script files, we provide a tool called popy_format that reads in the old-style script file and outputs it with the new format.

Do this by opening a Open a PoPy Command Prompt and typing:-

$ popy_format my_script.pyml

which will output a new version of my_script.pyml called:-


The output of popy_format may need to be manually edited to obtain desired results (e.g. to change from the default value for newly added options).

As usual, a log file will be created to document the formatting process.

Command line options

usage: popy_format [-h]
                   [-f {no_change,fit,fitsum,gen,gensum,grph,n2pdat,p2ndat,msim,rst,sim,sumdoc,tut,tutsum,val,vpc,mfit,mgen,mtut,mcomp}]
                   [-a] [-c] [-l] [-o] [-s]
                   [-v {noset,info,debug,warning,error,critical}]

Tries to reformat an old version of a PoPy script

positional arguments:
  input_file            Required path to input configuration file.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -f {no_change,fit,fitsum,gen,gensum,grph,n2pdat,p2ndat,msim,rst,sim,sumdoc,tut,tutsum,val,vpc,mfit,mgen,mtut,mcomp}, --force_type {no_change,fit,fitsum,gen,gensum,grph,n2pdat,p2ndat,msim,rst,sim,sumdoc,tut,tutsum,val,vpc,mfit,mgen,mtut,mcomp}
                        Optionally force the input config file to be a certain
                        type of script, by default no change.
  -a, --all_config      Optionally output all possible config file entries in
                        output script files. If set to false, the default
                        entries with default values are suppressed for the
                        sake of brevity.
  -c, --comment_scripts
                        Optionally add explanatory comments to all entries in
                        output script files.
  -l, --line_breaks     Optionally enforce line breaks in the config file.
                        This increases the length of files, but may improve
                        clarity. If set to False, short dictionary lines are
                        compacted instead using {} notation.
  -o, --overwrite       Optionally overwrite existing output files without
  -s, --spaces          Optionally add more spaces to the output config file
                        for greater clarity, but longer config files. Off by
  -v {noset,info,debug,warning,error,critical}, --verbosity {noset,info,debug,warning,error,critical}
                        verbosity of output in log file
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